Today’s Headlines

  • Transit Talk in Georgia Legislature Will Focus on Capital Projects (AJC)
  • MARTA Station Draws Jobs From Suburbs to Midtown Atlanta (Curbed)
  • The Tennessean Is Shocked to Find That Trains and Buses Need Money to Run
  • Murfreesboro’s Plan to Handle Growth: More and Wider Roads (WKRN)
  • NC Transpo Board Member Accused of Assaulting Woman Resigns (News & Record)
  • Winston-Salem Expands Night and Weekend Bus Service (Journal Now)
  • Slug Lines Don’t Look Like the Solution to Traffic in NoVA (WTOP)
  • Mississippi Infrastructure Funding Bills Are “Lipstick on a Pig” (WLOX)
  • Flori-Bama Transpo Planners Host Bike/Ped Workshops (Santa Rosa Press Gazette)

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