Today’s Headlines

  • Charleston Plans to Remove Parking, Widen Sidewalk Along Battery (Post and Courier)
  • $60M Worth of Road Projects Set to Start in Jefferson Parish (Advocate)
  • More Car Lanes but No Transit Coming to Tampa in 2018 (TB Times)
  • Breaking: Nashville Transit Critic Criticizes Nashville Transit Plan (Biz Journal)
  • Memphis Bike-Share Nonprofit Names New Executive Director (Daily News)
  • Drivers Killed 11 People Walking in Greensboro, NC Last Year (News & Record)
  • Observer Lists Charlotte Road Projects That Are Wrapping Up in 2018
  • Cobb County Asks Feds to Fund Sunday Bus Service (AJC)
  • FDOT Proposes Sidewalks on U.S. 41 in Bradenton (Herald)

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